About HydroKhan 


Created with the up-to-date technologies of HydroKhan leading the domestic heavy equipment attachment, SG-SERIES are the state-of-the-art equipment which effectively addresses the conditions and environments of removal sites which become tougher and larger day by day.

SG-SERIES are exported to Europe and U.S, the main axis of world construction equipment, and receive good reputation on its excellency throughout the world.


By obtaining world class technologies and competitive edge based on top notch technology, HydroKhan has strived to become the best construction machine and equipment maker in the world. It has also participated in various exhibitions in Korea and overseas every year to advance the technologies in domestic construction areas. HydroKhan has continued to expand the research and develop, and strived to develop safer and more convenient products.

The core technology of HydroKhan on which lots of constructions companies in the world will depend. We have HydroKhan in Korea, which has devoted itself to TOOLS INNOVATION projects to become the world-class brand in machines for constructions. Based on the motto "Always Customer First", we, at HydroKhan, have done our utmost to grow more and more.