Customer Service 


The experience gained through many years of work in direct contact with our customers has taught us the importance of meeting customer needs promptly and offering valid support in the form of technical assistance. The existence of an efficient after-sales service that is capable of handling the various technical issues on-site directly and professionally is the only way of ensuring this.
Besides this service, HydroKhan also provides more detailed customer assistance through the following:

• Prompt intervention of qualified technicians who ensure that the machinery is in
     perfect running order, thereby limiting costly interruptions of work schedules.

• Telephone support for requests for spare parts and estimates regarding
     repairs on-site or at our facilities.

• A warehouse storing over 1,000 line items ready to be delivered.

• Clearly written, user-friendly manuals for reference.

• An annual routine maintenance plan that takes the burden of all
     maintenance-related problems off the customer and keeps the
     equipment at a level of perfect efficiency.

The possibility of receiving technical information, at any time,
regarding the maintenance, installation and the use of our equipment, ensures an
extra advantage for our customers. For any request, please contact:

• Phone : 82-43-234-7106
• Mail :

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